Bison bonasus

Nature Photography Album by Krzysztof Onikijuk

Meet the heaviest surviving wild land animal in Europe - the European bison (Bison bonasus) - seen thru the lens of Krzysztof Onikijuk, nature photographer from Poland.

This album contains over 100 high quality images of the European bison and other inhabitants of the Bialowieza Forest, one of the last and largest remaining parts of the immense primeval forest that once stretched across the European Plain.

Relax a little by watching the climatic full-screen diaporama with beautiful piano music and real forest sounds. You can also browse through the images directly, at your own pace. You can save these photographs on your device and use them as wallpapers, share them on Twitter or publish on Facebook.

This app also includes several historical references to bison, as well as the author’s comments on some of the photographs. This app runs offline, you don’t need to be connected to Internet to access these pictures on your device.

"I know from my own experience - and this applies to all areas of art – that good works can only be created when the artist brings all his passion to bear. What emanates from the pages of this beautiful album is the artist’s personality, his warm and special relationship with the natural wonders seen through his lens. It’s as if Krzysztof is painting them, proving that photography really is no mean art."

Elżbieta Dzikowska


  • 114 high quality pictures optimized for:
  •       iPad Air & iPad mini (both regular and Retina displays)
  •       iPhone 4/4S (3.5" Retina displays)
  •       iPhone 5/5S & the new iPod touch (4" Retina displays)
  •       iPhone 6/6s & 6/6s Plus (Retina displays)
  •       NEW! Apple TV with tvOS
  • Diaporama mode with calm piano music and real sounds of the forest
  • Author’s comments & historical references to bison
  • Each picture can be saved in Camera Roll for future non-commercial use
  • Twitter & Facebook integration
  • This app runs offline. No Internet connection needed.

"This is the first app that has had such a strong effect on me — I could go down into the nitty and gritty technical details of it, but I choose not to. Those are unimportant in the grand scheme of things. The attention to detail from Marek, the subtle parallax effect behind the menu and Krzysztof Onikijuk’s work is so much more important. Just thinking and writing about his photos, recalling my time spent in the app, imagining the music, cause me to well up inside. And this is coming from a guy who is rarely emotional…"

Wojtek Pietrusiewicz –

"The user experience with the Bison bonasus app is nothing short of beautiful. While you explore the photos you'll also be able to enjoy lovely and real forest sounds and piano music in the background to help set the scene. It’s an experience that appeals to a number of your senses and allows you to feel part of the forest. [...] The app feels professional, is very easy to use, and really transports users to a whole other place."

Tonya Medeiros –

  • Languages: English, French, Polish
  • Minimum iOS: 7.1
  • Devices: iPhone & iPod touch, iPad Air & iPad mini, Apple TV
  • Price: US$2.99 / 2,99€ (Universal Purchase)

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