Show what you mean!

Point out what you mean! Get a picture → place a pointer → zoom in → share. It's that easy!

"PointOut is a free app for iPhone and iPad that supports multiple types of image annotations and canvas layouts. You can add pointers, borders, split the canvas in multiple sections (each zoomed on a specific image detail), and tweak colors and thickness for every element. It's a powerful image annotation app with more options and controls than the simple (but also excellent) Pinpoint. But, I'm primarily interested in PointOut's diagram-like loupe, added in the latest update and which matches exactly what I need for my iOS screenshots."

Federico Viticci – macstories.net

→ get a picture

You can paste image from the system's clipboard, use the most recent image (last taken photo/screenshot), take a picture, or pick the image from your Photo Library. Use 3D Touch Quick Actions to do it even faster.

→ place a pointer

Pick a Layout and choose one of the pointers. You can turn some of the pointers off, too.

→ zoom in

Use the pinch gesture or touch the scale bar to quickly set the chosen image scale. You can also change other various things – canvas size, colors, filters, shapes, borders ...

→ share

Post the image directly on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram, or use the Share Sheet to do other nice things with it.

NEW! Take a look at this PointOut Gallery. Lots of examples and how-to's there!

Use also these Custom URL Schemes to enhance your workflow.

"I’ve been using PointOut personally for these past few weeks and it’s not an app that I use every day, but it is something that is very useful when trying to explain anything to anyone. I open it more often that I expected to and it’s one of those things that you don’t know you’ll miss until you don’t have it anymore."

Wojtek Pietrusiewicz – infinitediaries.net

  • Language: English
  • Minimum iOS: 8.0
  • Devices: iPhone & iPod touch 3.5" & 4", iPhone 6 & 6 Plus, iPad Pro & Air & mini
  • Price: FREE (with a watermark)

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