Are you ready for some brain gymnastics?


Quadratus is easy to learn and fun to play, but beware - it's addictive and very challenging at higher levels. You have been warned!
On the other hand, this game can be simple enough to be played by your kid. Just set it to Easy mode.

Rules of this game are simple: tap to select your checker, then tap twice - 1 square away to put a new one, or 2 squares away to move your selected checker. Once placed, this new one affects all the checkers in its immediate radius, turning any of your opponent’s checkers into your own. Take the most squares to win. Game ends when all squares have been taken, or one of the players can't move (blocked by other player).

Amazing puzzle game - Wow. This is a great puzzle game. It's easy to play, with simple controls. The choice of 3 themes is great, each with their own looks and sounds. Lots of options to choose from makes this app that much better. Great job. Well worth the price. Perhaps some more themes would make it that much better, even if they cost money as in app purchases.

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  • Two game modes: build your career or play a quick single game
  • Three opponent types: Human (hot-seat mode), Easy A.I. and Hard A.I.
  • Three audio-visual styles: traditional wood, modern metal & natural green
  • Large, easy to use "zoom & scroll" gameboard. It can be also switched to "scale to fit" mode
  • Red tokens for more challenging gameplay (they block some squares)
  • Auto save & restore system
  • Local high-scores table
  • Randomized boards - every game is different!
  • High resolution graphics for Retina display

If you are looking for a calm, relaxing turn-based board game, Quadratus is just for you!

  • Languages: English, Polish
  • Minimum iOS: 3.0
  • Devices: iPhone & iPod touch 3.5" (with Retina)
  • Price: withdrawn from sale